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Free shipping within Thailand and free shipping outside Thailand on orders over 1000 Baht
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Our story


Jovelyn is from Villamore in Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao province of The Philippines. Last child of a family of 4 brothers and 6 sisters, Jovelyn went to work in Lebanon in 2002 to support the family at the age of 20.

She came back to get married but things quickly went wrong. Violence and the loss of a baby put an end to her short-lived marriage. Jovelyn stayed in The Philippines to look after her mother who passed away in 2011. She earned money by buying and selling rice. She also had another business selling second hand clothes on the local market, which was her passion.

Although the business was progressing well, it was not enough for Jovelyn who decided to go to Hong Kong and work as domestic helper. The first family she worked for treated like a slave. She only stayed a few weeks before moving on. She then found another family who treated her like family. Jovelyn stayed with her ‘family’ for 6 years and brought up the two children who are still in regular touch with her. She does not fail to go and visit them every time her schedule takes her to Hong Kong.

In 2013, Jovelyn met Thierry, a French businessman who was instantly taken by her charm. They moved to Bangkok in July 2018 and looked for a business opportunity for Jovelyn. They came upon a brand of fashion jewellery with a couple of outlets in Chatuchak weekend market. A deal was struck but unfortunately quickly fell apart but this is a story for another day...

Jovelyn took it upon herself to create a new brand and named it Ako & Sila, which means ‘me & them’ in Tagalog. Why ‘ako’ & ‘sila’? Because the ‘me’ (Jovelyn) chose the jewellery for ‘you’, the customer, so that you will always have something in common.

Jovelyn is very much a fashionista who always seems to be starting her own trend amongst her numerous friends and family. Jovelyn travels to various South East Asian countries to source products that she feels are in trend or about to trend and will enhance your natural beauty. Jovelyn works closely with a factory in The Philippines for her wooden and seashell ranges and supporting their aim of sustainability. All colourings are safe, food-grade dyes. She is always on the lookout for new items that she offers you via the shops, the website and the trade fairs that she attends.

Jovelyn's dream is to give back to her village by opening and stocking a children's library.

We hope you enjoy the selection. We currently have three shops in Bangkok with plans to open a few more before extending the business to other Thai provinces. Our products are sold in various shops around the world and will very soon appear in a department store in Singapore. As well as our own collection we can OEM for you in Thailand or in The Philippines.

Salamat sa Patuloy na Pagbili sa amin...

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